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W Hotel Guangzhou

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As the hotel of starwood hotels and resorts international group, W hotel is a luxury hotel such as st. Regis, westin and sheraton.
Sister brand. In October 2008, W hotel opened in Hong Kong. In March 2013, guangzhou W hotel officially opened.


W hotel is the global modern luxury Lifestyle brand owned by starwood. Its official position is "Lifestyle" brand, which is widely classified as large in the industry.
The Boutique hotel route. The W hotel, which inspires, creates and innovates, has great influence in the industry and provides guests with the ultimate experience.

Located in the heart of the pearl river district, guangzhou W hotel is an upscale commercial district with several luxurious shopping centers and world-class casinos.
Here, not only are the traditional Chinese cinemas, charming teahouses and quaint antique shops, but also the modern cosmopolitan style.

The Jomard brand provides a complete set of projector and various plug-in solutions for the banquet hall of guangzhou W hotel, which improves the intelligence and aesthetics of the banquet hall.
On the basis of not changing the original design style of the hotel, realize the perfect collection and quick use of the projector. Most of the projectors are oversize.
Cheng (5-6 meters). The selection of Jomard projector is successful to ensure the precise delivery of the projector and meet the needs of the multi-functional banquet hall.
Since the completion of the W hotel in guangzhou, Jomard has provided technical solutions for seven brand hotels of starwood's nine brands.
Jomard products are one of the few brands in China that have long-term cooperation with starwood group in terms of safety, quality and aesthetics.


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