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Green City Haier Sheraton Hotel

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After six months 'design and negotiation, the hotel consultant management company finally chose the Jomard series tube projector hanger.
A total of 9 units, one of which is a double-tube large stroke hanger. The projector hanger of this project has 3 brands and 2 foreign high-end brands. a
After the comprehensive assessment, the company believes that Jomard products have more than 2 imported brands. It is up to the hotel consultant to ask for the projector.
Rotate the 90 degrees for a second projection. From the appearance, achieve beautiful, integrated, elegant, practical, luxurious.

Sheraton is one of the world's top 500 starwood hotels and resorts management group. Now (March 2006), starwood group.
Look for acquisitions or joint opportunities for Asian hotel brands. After the successful acquisition of Amy on August 25, 2005, starwood hotels and resorts.
The group is looking for an Asian brand hotel to buy. Plan to buy or join a high-end Asian market that is performing well in China or India.
Brand hotels. Starwood spent four years before and after the acquisition of Amy. Over the past 63 years, it has more than 700 in 80 countries around the world.
Hotel management. Sheraton is very strict in its location, mainly choosing attractive cities and resorts. In the dining and casino industry,
Starwood has a strong brand name in the world's major markets and is a leader in pricing. Starwood restaurants are good.
Good location is mainly distributed in big cities and resort areas. The criteria for the selection of the group hotel are: the development history of the region indicates that the area is correct.
There is a large and growing demand for full-service luxury hotels, and there is limited space available for building sites, and the cost of this space is developed.
Quite expensive. As the largest hotel group in the luxury market segment of the hotel industry, starwood has a strong support for its core market.
Marketing and reservation systems. Starwood hotels are focusing on the luxury segment and its brands focus on the market.
The secondary market. Starwood is also an important player in the casino industry, which operates through Caesars. Pleased to
The hotel provides a home-away-from-home service for leisure travelers.

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