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Pudong Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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The mandarin Oriental hotel group is an award-winning international institution that owns and operates some of the world's most famous hotels, resorts and hotel management.
It has eight hotels named "100 best hotels in the world" by Institutional Investor magazine. The group has opened in Shanghai, pudong.
The mandarin Oriental hotel, a new luxury hotel, opened in April 2013 and will no doubt be one of the most luxurious hotels in Shanghai.
The mandarin Oriental pudong is designed by Bernardo fort-brescia of Arquitectonica, a world-famous designer. The hotel is located in lujiazui finance and trade zone.
The center of the business is fully catering to the needs of business people, travelers and vacationers. It will also become one of the landmark buildings in the riverside city of Shanghai lujiazui.
With a high standard of facilities, mandarin Oriental's prestigious customer first concept and high performance indoor entertainment facilities will become prominent features of the hotel.
It includes 210 executive apartments, top Spa, business facilities and luxurious banquet halls. The hotel has the Oriental glamour of the 21st century luxury design, double story height,
There is a great sense of space everywhere.
Pudong mandarin Oriental hotel, as an international top hotel, single hotel AV project, invested tens of millions. Whether the management or the owner, the details.
The perfect pursuit has reached a point of no return, and has established a domestic industry experienced technical supervision team, responsible for the early product evaluation and testing.
As a supplier of equipment, in order to meet the high standards of the owner and the management, through various evaluation, inspection and sample test, Jomard.
The series of products stand out, providing a complete set of projector, embedded type and all kinds of wall connectors for pudong mandarin Oriental hotel.
LCD front maintenance support series product solutions.
This cooperation means that Jomard products have been recognized by the best and most discerning customers in the world. Able to cooperate with such high - end customers on Jomard brand.
It will be a new milestone. Jomard will continue to develop and produce high-grade, high-quality and high-quality products to meet customers' needs.
Undoubtedly, Shanghai pudong mandarin Oriental hotel has become another luxury landmark of Shanghai city center.

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