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The series of products depend on the motor drive to realize the
lifting, and all the transmission mechanism and control system
are completed in the tube. The transmission mechanism adopts
oil-free lubricants and partly adopts high-temperature resistant
silicone oil, which is completely free of oil leakage and dripping
of electric equipment.

Product introduction

  • Smallpox is highly demanding

  • Can be dispersed or intensive installation

  • Beautiful ceiling decoration frame

  • Equipped with double-sided lighting interface

  • Perfect safety protection design

  • Electric lifting and quiet



  • LPD-150MA
Product Specifications

 Load capacity The stipulated maximum weight is 150kg; the temporary maximum weight allowed is 300kg (static)  Operation mode  Electric low speed lifting
 Specification of load horizontal rod  φ38mm×2.5mm×1200mm  Control method  Independently manual control
  or customized RS485 control 
 Net weight   20kg  Lifting method                                Rotate the handle right to descend and left to lift under normal circumstances
 Fixed extension   310mm  Security and protection device  Handle rotation: right to fall,
 left to lift(normal)
 Power connection
 Universal three-hole socket   A-weighted noise   ≤40dB
 Supply voltage/current  220V AC / 4×10A  Environment temperature   5~45℃
 Power consumption  50W  Environment humidity  ≤70%
 Ceiling hole   φ170mm  Ceiling height  >800mm
 Decorative frame   φ220mm  Installation screw  4×M10(≥4 PCS)

Product description

(1) The installation method is very simple, the requirements of the installation height in ceiling are low, and the occupied area of ceiling is very small, which can avoid the obstacle of ceiling space easily.
(2) It can be widely distributed and installed. It can also be concentrated and installed. The using mode is flexible and changeable. The installation difficulty is very small.
(3) The installation can be arranged after the decoration is finished. The attached decorative panel can cover the holes well; keep the appearance clean, and does not need a second decoration after installation.
(4) It has perfect safety protection design and clever way of operation. Its exposed handle is not only the transverse intubation locking mechanism, but also the rotation switches of the lift control; set up a the interlock of ban rising to steel tube, and can prevent wrong operation in use conditions leading to the damage of power plug, cable, equipment, and ceiling, which is very suitable for non-specialists on the field use.
(5) It has two XLR three-core sockets, four power sockets, with double-sided settings, exactly matching with conventional lighting installation way, and it also can choose interface panel type according to actual usage, to meet the needs of lighting, audio, camera on the market at present.
(6) The power outlet supplies 2.0kw in a continuous manner, the short supply reaches 2.5kw, the power cable adopts three-wire multi-core and copper core rubber band, and the cross-sectional area reaches 2.5mm². It is suitable for the continuous use of conventional lighting equipment, ensuring security.
(7) It adopts light, high-precision low-speed transmission and traction, and is almost noiseless in the lifting operation. When the equipment drops in place, the lower end of the lifting tube enters the mechanical rigid unloading state, which can withstand the heavy lifting load.
(8) Extension structure under decoration ceiling can be rotated to 90 ° by inserting steel pole, which is convenient for diverse combination.

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LPD-150MA 安装使用说明书.pdf       3.63MB
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