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When running, the lifting structure constituted by 4-6 sets precision
aluminum alloy lifting tubes can realize the characters of flexible lifting,
high-precision positioning control and repetitive positioning, etc.
In the closed state, the ceiling’s lifting channels are completely closed,
which can improve the safety of the equipment, the concealment, the
appropriate anti-theft and anti-dust function, meanwhile, it provides
good protection for the projector.

Product introduction

  • Aluminum alloy sleeve lifting positioning precision

  • Full automatic projector cable release device

  • Hidden operation in the cable tube of the projector

  • Projector power and signal special interface

  • Smallpox completely closed use, collect state

  • Support dry contact and 485 control



  • TZP-1253BR-180
Product Specifications

 Size of equipment  W758mm×D758mm×H1250mm   Size of door frame  W800mm×D800mm×H10mm 
 Size of projector (including
 camera lens and wire)
 W580mm×D580mm×H240mm  Control way  Weak current contact
   or RS48 code
 Power consumption  200W  Supply voltage、current    220V AC / 7A
 Lifting running time  290~300sec  Maximum running distance   1650mm
 Net weight  83kg  Load capacity  ≤25kg 
 Lifting precision  ≤2 mm  Noise A weight  ≤45dB
 Environment temperature  5~45℃  Environment  humidity  ≤70%
 Lifting channel  640 mm×640 mm  Ceiling hole  770 mm×770 mm
 Installation derrick  740 mm×450 mm  Ceiling height  ≥1260 mm
* Note: The installation size of the projector is the recommended size, for reference only, be subject to the actual size.

Product description

1. Projectors of various sizes can be installed and lifting travel can be customized according to the actual height.
2. The lifting claw can be adjusted according to the actual size and projection angle of the projector and can be decomposed to be installed, which greatly reduces the installation difficulty of the projector.
3. Four M8 screws are used for hoisting, so that the installation is very convenient.
4. Configure the standardized automatic door assembly, can according to the projector type, lens characteristics, interface location and weight and other factors to use products reasonably.
5.  It is equipped with special detachable decorative door frame, which can easily cover the opening section of the ceiling and exempt from the twice construction of ceiling after installation.
6.  It is equipped with standard and automatic pay-off and take-up device ,the cable hidden in the lifting tube can be deployed and retracted with the synchronization of lifting tube in the process of vertical lifting, which minimizes the tensile and bending of the cable, and effectively prolongs the service life of the cable. It can accommodate eleven standard cables to meet 2KW power supply.
7.  It is equipped with the standard power supply and signal cable, including six 75-3 video wires, two non-shielding super CAT-5wires, three 2.5-square power wires, can be connected to RGBHV form, which can effectively guarantee the signal transmission and projection quality.
8.  It is equipped with completed signal interface board. You can choose to insert RGBHV, video signal and projector control signal according to your system requirements. The interface plate is installed in the sunken part. All plugs can be inserted when installing out of the ceiling. The site installation is very convenient.
9.  It is equipped with the unique control monomer containing 6-bit address coding switch; in the installation process, it can be temporarily removed as a fully functional controller through wire to control each movement, so as to facilitate on-site debugging.
10. Full digital control mode is adopted for lifting height. When the projector is at the required height, the data is stored in the controller to ensure that the projector can accurately decline to the predetermined height.
11. The control mode is RS485 code control and contact control , which is selected by the user according to the actual needs. It is suitable for both the high-grade control system and the simplest switch control.
12.  Users are allowed to break through the load, shape and technical specifications of standard product , to meet the needs of large professional projector lifting and special purpose.

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