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Ultra-thin, screen-touchable, angle-adjustable lifter
Thickness 9.9mm,egde6.9mm
Automatic door uses mute design, so it has stable performance;
LCD screen of LED adopts tempered glass or capacitive touch screen and is nice, functional and practical.

Product introduction

  • Ultra - thin multimedia terminal, the screen shell USES aluminum alloy

    Automatic door quiet design, stable performance
  • The light touch button is perfect combination with aluminum alloy panel

    It has VGA and HDMI signal interface, which can be used on its own
  • The LCD screen is energized when it is in place, and the power is automatically cut off when it goes down

    The color of the machine panel and screen shell is black and silver
  • The surface of LED LCD is tempered glass or touch capacitive screen

    The high - grade integration button will be upgraded, lowered, stopped and switched to the panel with two buttons
  • The RS485 bus can be connected to the control keyboard or the central control system

    Achieve remote control and centralized management
  • Fixed Angle of 11 to 15 °, large Angle of 0 to 40 °

    0 to 50 ° suitable for a variety of selected applications



  • TIM-156MT-PS
Product Specifications

 Overall rack parameters
 Display specifications
 Power supply  AC 220V/1.2A 50HZ  Screen size  15.6 inch
 Power consumption  <20VA/set  Ratio aspect   16:9 (widescreen)
 Lifting time   20S  Screen resolution  1920 *1080
 Weight   Net weight: 17Kg,gross weight:  20 Kg  Video input  VGA/HDMI
 Lifting precision  Horizontal ±0.2mm,vertical±0.2 mm  Video switching  Key on surface, central control 
 Product size  71x489x558 mm   Backlight  LED
 Panel size    81x500mm  Contrast  650 :1
 Lifting window  28x4 19.5 mm  Video response time   2/6MS
 Table hole size   75x493mm  Brightness   220cb/m2
 Environment  Temperature  5-45 ℃,humidity ≤70 %  Visual angle  45/45/20/45(left / right / up / down)
 Adjustable angle  0°~50°°(electric)  Color gamut  262K(6-bit)
 Surface color  Silver (standard, customizable)  Screen thickness  9.9mm
 Screen shell color  Silver (standard, customizable)  Front panel  Tempered glass/capacitive screen
 Screen thickness  9.9mm,edge 6.9mm  Rear shell       Aluminum alloy
     Panel power  2.85W
     Screen size  386.8x247.1mm

Product description

The Jomard® TIM Series LCD Lifter is different from an ordinary LCD Lifter in that it is an ultrathin multimedia terminal that combines a self-made LCD case with a machine's aluminum alloy panel to make the entire machine look more elegant, beautiful, and suitable for paperless office system, multimedia conference system, video conference system, command and dispatch system, production analysis system, financial analysis system, large conference system, academic exchange, information management, network office and a variety of exhibitions and other advanced areas.
1. Ultra-thin multimedia terminal, the screen case uses aluminum alloy;
2. LCD screen of LED adopts tempered glass or capacitive touch screen and is nice, functional and practical.
3. Automatic door uses mute design, so it has stable performance;
4. The perfect combination of touch keys and aluminum panels makes the product noble and elegant;
5. It has VGA and HDMI signal interfaces, and can be used alone;
6. When it is lifted in place, the LCD screen is powered on and falls, and LCD screen is powered off automatically, then back to the upright state;
7. It can be connected with the control keyboard or central control system through RS485 bus to achieve remote control and centralized management;
8. Machine panel and screen shell colors are optional.

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TIM-156MT-PS 安装使用说明书.pdf           629KB
TIM-156MT-PS 技术文档.pdf
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TIM-156MT-PS 结构投影图.pdf                 84.5 KB 
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TIM-155MT-PS 使用效果图.pdf                 479.9 KB

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